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Suntech Digital Media provides SMS and voice calling applications for customer service and engagement. Billions of SMS are sent and received. This technology leverage this statistics for customer interaction.

Ever wondered how you get the instant message about the dispatch, transit or delivered status of your product? Or how a pre-recorded message provides you the much needed details in one go? Or the most critical and confidential information secured through One Time Password. This whole conversation takes place through multi-channel messaging solutions.

SMS, or text messaging, is an effective tool for business communications due its simplicity, ease of use and wide reach. Currently SMS is available on virtually all mobile phones and over all mobile networks reaching billions of phones worldwide, making it the world’s most pervasive communications technology. Business enterprises globally are actively using text messaging to enhance customer engagement and loyalty in a non-intrusive way.

Multichannel Auto Routing

Smart Messaging API has built-in Auto Intelligent Routing that automatically optimizes for best delivery across channels and carriers.

Rich Conversational Messaging

Smart Messaging API enables conversational workflows to drive customer engagement and loyalty by sending and receiving rich media like images, videos, geo-location and documents.

Auto Template Translation

auto-translates templated messages to deliver rich personalized content to every customer as per individual and regional preferences.

User Preference Management

Messaging API captures and manages customer's opt-in preferences, content preferences & channel preferences to deliver meaningful customer experiences.